Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa restaurant celebrate its 2nd anniversary

On Saturday 29th June 2013, Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa celebrated its 2nd anniversary and offered to all hotel guests a Special Dinner with show cooking runned by our Chefs: Jose Ciurletti and Raul Roig.

The Cooking Show took place at the pergola located outside the hotel’s restaurant called l’Indià, and guests had the opportunity to taste among other dishes, rice with lobster surrounded by an idyllic setting. The Cooking Show event of the 2nd anniversary of Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa was a success, and in order to be able to enjoy this wonderful experience more often.

During the evening of Saturday, a dinner show cooking where guests will be able to learn how to cook some of our traditional dishes, like fish stew and rice.